Moment Debuts New MagSafe Mount Options

Juli Clover


Moment Debuts New MagSafe Mount Options

Moment today added to its existing line of MagSafe-compatible mounts, introducing three new magnetic mounts that can be used with Apple's iPhones. There's a mounting option for filmmakers, a mount that lets you put your iPhone anywhere, and an adapter for using Moment magnetic mounts with non-MagSafe iPhones.

Priced at $99, the Mobile Filmmaker Cage is a two-handed cage that is meant to make it easier to mount mics and lights on the phone when filming video. It has multiple cold shoe, 1/4"-20, and ⅜"-16 attachment points for accessories.

The $40 Strap Anywhere Mount is, as the name suggests, designed to allow ‌iPhone‌ users to strap their iPhones anywhere, from bike handles to exercise equipment, allowing for hands-free operation.

Available for $10, the Moment Stick-On Adapter can be stuck to the back of a non-MagSafe ‌iPhone‌ to add a magnet that makes it compatible with the existing Moment MagSafe accessories. It uses 3M VHB adhesive for a strong bond to the device that it is attached to.

Along with these three products, Moment has updated its Wall Mount and Car Vent Mount with improved adjustable ball heads.

All of Moment's mounts are equipped with its (M)Force magnetic arrays, which it says are stronger than standard accessories for Apple for better attachment. The new accessories can be purchased from the Moment website.

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