Microsoft Will Announce New Surface Devices Before Windows 11 Release

Andrew Heinzman

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A silhouette of Microsoft's next Surface laptop.


Microsoft will begin the official Windows 11 rollout on October 5th, but first, it wants to announce some new Surface products. The company just announced its September 22nd Surface Event, which should give us our first look at the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Duo 2, and more.

While Microsoft hasn’t revealed any details for its event, the company says it will talk about “devices and Windows 11” in its press invites. And you know what that means—new hardware! Given that the Surface Event banner shows the silhouette of a Surface Pro, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the Surface Pro 7 during this event.

You’re invited.

Learn more about the #MicrosoftEvent:

— Microsoft (@Microsoft) September 1, 2021

We also expect to see the Surface Duo 2, which leaked back in July. Assuming that these leaks are accurate, the Surface Duo 2 has a new tri-camera array, NFC support, and wireless charging. A new Snapdragon 888 chipset adds 5G support to the “foldable” phone, plus flagship performance.

Microsoft’s new Surface Book could also make an appearance, though it may go by a new name. Patent findings by Windows Central indicate that this new Surface Book will use a new folding mechanism in place of the detachable display, which should improve performance in “tablet” mode (some of the Surface Book’s components, including its GPU, hide in the keyboard).

You can catch the Surface Event on September 22nd at 11 AM ET. Visit Microsoft’s website to save the date on your calendar. Microsoft will probably air the event on its YouTube channel.

Source: Microsoft

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