Microsoft Shares Its First Official Repair Video for a Surface Product

Andrew Heinzman

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A Surface Laptop SE with a broken screen.

Microsoft, Freedom Life/

Historically speaking, Microsoft Surface devices are incredibly difficult to repair. But Microsoft has really stepped up to the plate over this last year; not only did it team up with iFixit to develop official repair tools, but its newest products contain more modular parts and fewer adhesives than ever before. Now, shockingly, Microsoft has published its first official Surface repair video.

The seven-minute teardown and repair video focuses on the Surface Laptop SE, an affordable PC for schools. We heard that the Surface Laptop SE was easy to take apart when it launched last year, but we didn’t realize just how repairable Microsoft made this product—everything is modular, and only seven screws hold down the laptop’s base.

Funny enough, this video also marks one of the first public mentions of Microsoft’s Design for Repair team. It seems that Microsoft’s promise to make devices more repairable, a resolution that was brought on by customer and shareholder demand, is creating genuine change within the company. (By the way, check out all those iFixit tools in the teardown video!)

Now, I should note that Microsoft publishes written Surface repair guides on its website. If you need to repair any Surface product, I highly recommend downloading these official guides and checking out any material published on iFixit.

We’re not sure if Microsoft will post repair videos for any other current-gen Surface products, which don’t quite match the Laptop SE’s repairability. But if Microsoft commits to making future devices more repairable, I suspect that we may see more official Surface repair videos later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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