macOS Ventura brings new features like Stage Manager and other enhancements to Mac

Stuart Miles


macOS Ventura brings new features like Stage Manager and other enhancements to Mac

Apple has revealed the latest version of macOS, to be called macOS Ventura, at its annual developer conference.

The operating system that powers the company’s Mac line, like the new MacBook Air, will come with new features and enhancements including a new way of multitasking as well as a greater focus on trying to turn the company’s desktop and laptop line up into a viable alternative to PC gaming.  

On the multitasking front, a new feature called Stage Manager tries to solve the issue of having too many apps open with too many individual windows.

The feature tries to solve this problem by allowing you to cluster the apps into groups which are still visible while working on other apps to allow you to quickly find what you are working on.

As the company does with its iOS operating systems, it has also improved its suite of apps that are included on the operating system.

That includes things like being able to schedule emails and improving search in Mail or shared tab groups in Safari that allows you to share and collaborate web searches with friends and family.

Meanwhile Continuity will get the ability to handoff FaceTime calls between devices. That includes a new feature called Continuity Camera that allows you to use your iPhone camera as a camera on your Mac without having to plug anything in. 

The new macOS Ventura will also support a new technology called PassKey which removes the need for passwords on the web, by using your FaceID and Touch ID credentials to access your favourite sites if they support the new industry standard technology.

The new features will be available later this year when the macOS Ventura is released. However the company didn't mention anything about the much rumoured enhancements to the Settings area of macOS to bring it inline with iOS. 

It's expected to be available as a public beta over the summer, before being available to Mac users in September.

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