It’s easier for hackers to jailbreak the PS4 than it is to buy a PS5

Jay Peters

The Verge

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Hackers have jailbroken the PS4 with a new kernel exploit, according to, a website that covers jailbreaking news, seemingly opening the door for people to run things like homebrew apps on Sony’s last-gen consoles. The jailbreak is called “pOOBs4.”

It’s a major development, but it comes with a big catch: the jailbreak only works on PS4 firmware 9.00 or lower, according to one of the people involved with the jailbreak, SpecterDev, which isn’t the newest PS4 software available. If you’ve already updated to the latest firmware, 9.03, the jailbreak apparently won’t work.

Seeing a bit of confusion on 9.03 - this will *not* work on 9.03, it's patched. Only 9.00 and below.

— Specter (@SpecterDev) December 13, 2021

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