Ikea’s Bluetooth speaker with Spotify Tap is also a lamp

Thomas Ricker

The Verge

Ikea’s Vappeby is one of the first Bluetooth speakers with a dedicated Spotify Tap button. | Image: FCC

Ikea’s Vappeby Bluetooth speaker just leaked courtesy of an FCC filing. And because it’s Ikea, this mushroom-shaped speaker with an IP65 rating — which means it’ll resist dust, rain, and low pressure jets of water — also features an integrated 20 lumen (2700K) bulb to pull double-duty as a portable lamp. But that’s not the only surprise.

The Vappeby speaker also has a Spotify Tap button, in what would appear to be a first for Bluetooth speakers. Spotify Tap lets you resume your music from wherever you last stopped, or tap the button again to get a different recommendation tailored for you. Spotify Tap is already available on a range of Bluetooth headphones from Samsung, Microsoft, Bose, Jabra, and others.

Image: FCC ...

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