How a flight-sim cockpit helps me get away from it all (figuratively)

Andrew Cunningham

Ars Technica

Photograph of an Obutto R3volution cockpit with accessories

Enlarge / The Obutto R3v that sits in the corner of Lee's office. The two little dark plastic tray-looking things on swing arms are exactly that and are a great help for both scribbling notes and also holding food and beverages. (credit: Lee Hutchinson)

One of the great things about working from home is that you have a lot of freedom to set your home office up just the way you like it, whether you're perfecting your PC setup to make it more comfortable for long days of Zoom meetings or buying weird niche gaming accessories for after-hours fun. Now that he's back around the Orbital HQ, Ars Senior Technology Reporter Andrew Cunningham is interviewing Ars staffers about the gadgets they use to put the "home" into "home office," starting with Senior Technology Editor Lee Hutchinson and his intricate flight-sim setup.

What’s the thing on your desk/part of your setup/etc that you want to tell me about?

I think it’d be the Obutto R3volution cockpit.

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