Honor Magic 4 series debuts at MWC 2022, features 100W wireless charging

Mike Lowe


It was only six months ago that we were ogling Honor's international return in its Magic 3 series. That not being enough, the Chinese phone-maker has returned in double-quick time with the Magic 4 series, as revealed at MWC Barcelona. That's almost as double-quick as its new 100W wireless charging feature.

So what's the craic? The Magic 4 arrives as a duo of options, with Magic 4 and Magic 4 Pro comprising this generation, so there's no Pro Plus this time around. A key part of the latest models is to bring Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform to the fore, a slight upgrade over the Snapdragon 888 series of the Magic 3.

One obvious standout feature is that 100W wired and 100W wireless Honor SuperCharge. That's right: 100W wireless - a speed that we've not seen before. It's only available in the Pro, though, the Magic 4 drops to 66W and doesn't offer wireless charging at all.

In terms of scale the Magic 4 and 4 Pro are the same front-on, as they feature the same 6.81-inch OLED panel, again a mild increase over the Magic 3's 6.67-inch panel use. However, the Magic 4 Pro is slightly thicker, on account of its fancier glass and PU finish options.

So what makes the Pro, well, more 'pro'? Other than the finishes it's mainly about the cameras: a pill-shaped punch-hole on the front confirms its dual front-facing cameras, while on the rear its periscope zoom is a higher-resolution 64-megapixel sensor, compared to the lower-resolution 8MP one in the 'standard' model.

Oddly, however, the Pro's zoom is 3.5x, whereas the Magic 4's is 5x. Both devices otherwise feature dual 50MP rear cameras to cover the main and ultra-wide shooters, with no differences here.

So when might you be able to get hold of an Honor Magic 4? Well, the Magic 3 still hasn't arrived to international markets - Honor says that it will, but now that it's on last-gen hardware we're not sure it'll be worthwhile now - so you can likely expect a bit of a waiting game for the latest handsets.

When they do arrive, however, they will feature full Google Play Services, so you can install apps as freely as you wish, just like any other Android option. When Honor was part of Huawei - it's now been separated for over a year - that became an impossibility due to the USA's blacklisting of the company. So it looks like it's onwards and upwards for Honor, it just now needs to get its devices to market...

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