Google Pixel Fold allegedly hits GeekBench

Luke Baker


Google Pixel Fold allegedly hits GeekBench

The Google Pixel Fold is rumoured to be launching in the second half of 2023, likely at Google's I/O event.

While the brand is yet to officially acknowledge the device, it may have already appeared on the popular cross-platform benchmarking database, GeekBench.

The listing shows the model as Google Felix, a codename long thought to be associated with the upcoming foldable.

It also tells us some key specifications, the phone is running Android 13 on 12GB of RAM and a Tensor G2 processor, the same one found inside the current Pixel 7 models.

It posts 1047 for the single-core test and 3257 for multi-core. This places it in the ballpark of the average Pixel 7 Pro score.

It's perhaps unsurprising, given that it's the same processor and the same amount of RAM, but we've often seen foldables lagging behind more traditional handsets in performance, so it's promising news.

 When it comes to other specifications, the rumours suggest we'll be seeing an 8-inch interior display, with a 6.19-inch screen on the outside.

The selfie camera is expected to be 9.5MP, while the rear is said to feature a similar array to the Pixel 7 Pro. 

At this stage, it's impossible to say for sure, but whatever the case may be, we can't wait to see Google's first foldable device.

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