Google Finally Fixed the Pixel 6 DAC Problem

Cory Gunther

Review Geek

Google Finally Fixed the Pixel 6 DAC Problem

Right on time, Google is rolling out the June Pixel update for several devices, and it’s full of software fixes and resolves several security vulnerabilities. In the update, Google has finally fixed the DAC problem on the Pixel 6, something many audiophiles will be glad to see.

While the Pixel 6 is arguably one of the best Android phones available and received high remarks in our review, it’s not without issues. One complaint from audio enthusiasts is that the Pixel 6 doesn’t work with external DACs, a problem we’ve talked about since 2021.

The Pixel 6’s internal DAC that turns digital audio into an analog signal for headphones and other devices wasn’t up to par for today’s standards and caps out at 24bit/48kHz sampling rates. Basically, it’s nowhere near good enough for streaming services or audiophiles. Plus, owners trying to use an external DAC or splitters couldn’t at all, for whatever reason.

In Google’s June update changelog, the only line mentioning audio says, “A fix for an issue preventing audio playback over USB accessories when using certain third-party apps,” and that’s all. However, several owners on Reddit were quick to confirm the Pixel 6 DAC issues are gone and everything is working as expected.

Multiple Pixel 6 owners have confirmed it indeed works, with one saying “everything sounds great,” which is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for Google. Keep in mind some devices could still face issues, but once you get the update give it a try with your DAC. Now, let’s hope that a future Pixel update doesn’t break it again.

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