Google Fi Adds an Essential Feature for iPhone Owners

Andrew Heinzman

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Google Fi

After a long wait, Google Fi now offers 5G coverage for the iPhone. It’s a very overdue feature, but still, it’s a welcome change for iPhone users on Google Fi.

This change requires the iOS 16.4 update and a 5G-compatible iPhone. If you own the iPhone 12 or a later device, you’re good. The third-generation iPhone SE is also 5G-compatible, though previous modes of SE are not.

iPhone® users 🤝 Fi

Get fast 5G coverage on all 5G-compatible phones on Fi – now available for iPhone®.

Learn how to turn it on →

— Google Fi (@googlefi) March 29, 2023

Additionally, you may need to enable Google Fi 5G coverage from your iPhone’s Settings—open Settings, go to “Cellular,” select “Cellular Data Options,” tap “Voice & Data,” select your Google Fi Number, and navigate to “Voice & Data.”

It took Google Fi a full three years to launch 5G support for iOS, and we’re not really sure why. Rival MVNOs began offering 5G support for iOS back in 2020 and 2021. But hey, maybe Google can get around to supporting visual voicemail on iOS (instead of directing customers to the Fi voicemail system).

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