GM Halts Chevy Bolt Production After Full Recall

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A photo of the 2022 Chevy Bolt at a beach.


General Motors will cease Chevy Bolt production until at least mid-September. It previously announced that it would pause production for one week due to the global semiconductor shortage, but the automaker is now waiting to sort out its $1.8 billion recall, which it recently expanded to cover all models of the Chevy Bolt electric vehicle.

If you’ve kept up with GM’s exploding battery problem, then this news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The automaker spent months trying to figure out why some models of Chevy Bolt were catching on fire, only to realize that every model of Chevy Bolt ever produced (including yours) may contain a faulty LG battery (regardless of where or when the battery was made).

Chevy Bolt production may continue to idle if LG fails to produce new batteries in a timely manner. In a conversation with The Verge, a GM spokesperson stated that “We will not resume repairs or restart production until we are confident LG is producing defect free products for us.” General Motors also states that LG will pay for the $1.8 recall, which will only grow more expensive in the coming months.

Other GM EVs, including the upcoming (and ironic) Hummer EV, are not affected by the Chevy Bolt’s manufacturing difficulties. Of course, the global semiconductor shortage could force GM to intermittently pause EV manufacturing as it did last week.

Is this your first time hearing about the Chevy Bolt recall? Until GM notifies Chevy Bolt owners that replacement parts are ready, the company suggests the following actions:

  • Don’t let your vehicle exceed a 90% charge. You can use the Target Charge Level mode to do so. Instructions are on the Chevy Bolt recall page.
  • Charge your vehicle more frequently and avoid depleting the battery below the 70-mile (or 113 km) mark.
  • Park your vehicle outside when it isn’t charging, and don’t charge it overnight.

If you aren’t comfortable following these steps, take your Chevy Bolt to the dealer. You can also contact the Chevrolet EV Concierge service (1-833-EVCHEVY) for more information on the recall. The line is open weekdays 8:00am to 12:00am ET and weekends 12:00pm to 9:00pm ET.

Source: GM via The Verge

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