Galaxy S23 Ultra Is Now The Fastest Android Smartphone In Single-Core Tests

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Galaxy S23 Ultra Is Now The Fastest Android Smartphone In Single-Core Tests

All Galaxy S23 models, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra, feature a different version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with higher CPU and GPU clock speeds. Combine that with the flagship’s vapor chamber cooler, users can expect to see some improved thermals, which is likely the reason why one owner showcased some impressive results in the single-core department. With the latest result, the Galaxy S23 Ultra becomes the fastest Android smartphone in the world right now.

Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first Android smartphone to obtain a single-core of 1,600 in Geekbench 5

A Geekbench 5 run was performed by Golden Reviewer on Twitter, and the results highlight the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s improved cooling capabilities as well as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2’s. While the multi-core results were expected to see an increase, the single-core category is what caught our attention, as the smartphone obtained a score of 1,600, the first ever for an Android handset. While these results are still slower compared to Apple’s A16 Bionic, we are currently not moving out of the Android biosphere in this discussion.

As for the multi-core result, Golden Reviewer shows a score of 5,311, making it one of the highest figures we have seen, which only means that next-generation chipsets are slated to perform even higher. However, from what we can gather from the Twitter thread, it appears that Golden Reviewer hit the silicon lottery because several others who ran Geekbench 5 on their Galaxy S23 Ultra models did not achieve the same result.

Ok , so I got the very first Android device in history to break 1600 single core in Geekbench 5#GalaxyS23Ultra #SnapdragonForGalaxy

— Golden Reviewer (@Golden_Reviewer) February 9, 2023

Either that or the owner was living in a significantly cooler environment, allowing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to operate at its highest possible CPU and GPU clock speeds without thermal throttling. Whatever the case might be, just because you see these scores does not necessarily mean your device will obtain the same results, though these figures are still outstanding.

Next year might be the year the Galaxy S24 Ultra trumps Apple’s flagship iPhone series thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. According to an earlier leak, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 tested on an engineering sample completely outclasses the A16 Bionic in both single-core and multi-core tests of Geekbench 5. For 2024, Samsung may use an even bigger vapor chamber, but we have to wait a significantly long period for that unveiling. Even then, we will continue to provide timely updates.

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