Galaxy S23 Series Could Debut with an Advanced Fast Pair Feature

Furqan Shahid


Galaxy S23 Series Could Debut with an Advanced Fast Pair Feature

Google's release of Fast Pair is one of the best things that the company has done. The purpose of this feature is simple as it makes it highly streamlined to set up new devices. At the time of writing, Fast Pair is supported on headphones and smartwatches and could provide support for smart trackers and styluses. However, a recent APK teardown reveals that the feature could be coming to Android phones and would debut with the upcoming Galaxy S23 series.

Your Galaxy S23 could quickly transfer, data, apps, and more using Google's improved Fast Pair feature

The discovery was made by our friends over at 9to5Google, who found lines of code hinting that Google could be adding Android phones to Fast Pair if you are not sure how that is going to work, it will make our lives infinitely easier when it comes to setting up a new phone.

So, how will Fast Pair for Androids work? Well, suppose you have just brought your brand-new  Galaxy S23 Ultra, and you are about to take it out of the box and turn it on. When you turn on the phone, your current supported phone will detect your new phone and will supposedly ask you to start transferring your data, apps, and everything in between. This seems like a dream come true, but it actually is a very convenient feature. Sure, Samsung already has Smart Switch, but with Fast Pair, the whole experience will become infinitely better and more straightforward.

The source also suggests that there is evidence that Google will be rolling this feature out with the upcoming Galaxy S23 series. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense, considering how Google and Samsung have been working together to make Android a better OS. However, the new feature will be available to all Android phones in the future.

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