Dell shows off new concepts to reimagine working from home

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Dell shows off new concepts to reimagine working from home

After Dell introduced its Concept Luna sustainability efforts yesterday, it has a few more concepts to show off today ahead of CES. These are designed to reimagine the working from home experience, and there are three of them. Keep in mind, of course, that these are concepts and are not products for sale, although these ideas could show up in future products.

Concept Flow

Concept Flow is interesting, because it’s all about reimagining the work from anywhere experience. You could be home, on the go, at an office, and so on, and there are pain points to all of them, even if that pain point if just connecting your laptop to some monitors.

Seen in the image above is a laptop that’s wirelessly connected to a monitor, and it’s also on top of a pad that’s charging it. It’s all wireless. When you bring your laptop to the workspace, it automatically connects to the peripherals that are there, including the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Shutting it down is as simple as picking up your laptop and walking away. There are no cables to mess around with. It’s seamless and it just works.

Concept Pari

You might recall that two years ago, no one cared about webcams on laptops. That’s why we’re still stuck in this world where most laptops have 720p webcams while smartphone makers have been investing in front cameras for years; it’s because people actually take selfies. And until the working from home boom of 2020, people weren’t using their webcams.

While Dell was one of the first to say consumers didn’t use their webcams with it Dell XPS laptops, it’s been at the forefront of pushing FHD webcams with its Latitude business laptops. And with Concept Pari, it has a whole new idea for webcams, although this is for the desktop.

First of all, the webcam is totally removable from its dock above the display. It’s charging in that dock, and then you can take it and magnetically attach it to the monitor. The whole idea behind this is that you can talk to someone at eye level, rather than having your eyes dart between the screen and the webcam.

Since it’s removable, you can also use it to film a demonstration or just to show something off.

Privacy guards are a thing of the past with Concept Pari too, because all you have to do is put it in the dock and point it at the wall.

Concept Stanza

Finally, we have Concept Stanza. This is all about note-taking.

It’s a thin and light 11-inch tablet, although Dell refers to it as a companion device. It doesn’t even have any ports, as it has a specific purpose. There are no speakers and no cameras. This device is for notetaking.

It’s meant to work well between devices. So you can take your handwritten notes, and search for it from your laptop and such. The idea is to merge the world of analog and digital.

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