Camo App Turns Your Android Phone Into a PC or Mac Webcam

Andrew Heinzman

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A Windows 11 PC using a Google Pixel phone as a webcam with Camo.


Your $200 webcam isn’t that much better than a smartphone camera. So why even use the webcam in the first place? That’s the idea behind Camo, an app that turns your smartphone into a PC or Mac webcam with tons of tweakable settings. Previously an iOS exclusive, Camo is now available for Android devices through an open beta.

Developed by UK company Reignite, Camo is the only smartphone webcam app that lets you adjust photo settings and choose from different cameras from your computer’s desktop. You can adjust your smartphone camera feed’s brightness and saturation, for example, zoom or tilt your image, apply watermarks, and even select a Portrait mode for a bokeh effect.

All of this happens with a low-latency, 1080p video stream. And because Camo is compatible with all major video services (Zoom, Meet, Teams, Twitch, etc) you can use it as a reliable replacement for your webcam—you may want an adjustable desk mount to make the most of Camo, though.

The Camo Android app is free to use for the duration of its beta period, though there’s no word on how much it’ll cost once it exits beta (it costs $40 a year for iOS). To try Camo, simply download the app on your Android device (requires Android 7 or later) and the Camo Studio software on your PC or Mac.

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Source: Reincubate via XDA Developers

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