Apple Watch Pro model will get a larger, 'fresh look'

Britta O'Boyle


Apple Watch Pro model will get a larger, 'fresh look'

Apple is rumoured to be working on not one, but three Apple Watch models for 2022. It is claimed the company will reveal a new Apple Watch SE model, alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and a Pro model. 

While a name for the new high-end Apple Watch model isn't yet known, it's been referred to as the Apple Watch Pro and the most recent report suggests it will come with a fresh design.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg - who has an excellent track record when it comes to reporting on unannounced Apple devices - the high-end model will "be a good bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch". He went on to say that its size may mean it will only appeal to a "subset of customers".

Gurman said he has been told the display will be 7 per cent larger than the standard model and come with a "fresh look". It is said the Apple Watch Pro model will offer an "evolution of the current rectangular shape, and not circular". It also won't have flat sides Gurman says - something that has been rumoured for the Apple Watch since some renders appeared prior to the Series 7 models, and since flat sides were introduced on most of Apple's other devices.

The information from Gurman concluded with him saying the Apple Watch Pro will have "a more durable formulation of titanium to make it extra rugged".

Along with the details on the Apple Watch Pro, Gurman also said a blood-pressure checker isn't likely to come to the Apple Watch until 2025, while the glucose monitor may not appear until the end of the decade.

The three Apple Watch models are expected to launch in September 2022 though, and it is thought the Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro will come with a body temperature sensor. You can read all about the rumours surrounding all three models in our separate features.

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