Apple Reportedly Knew About The iPhone 12 Radiation Risks, But Told Employees To Stay Silent About It

Omar Sohail


Apple Reportedly Knew About The iPhone 12 Radiation Risks, But Told Employees To Stay Silent About It

Alongside the iPhone 15 announcement, Apple was also juggling with news that France intended to initiate a recall of the iPhone 12 series due to the latter exceeding recommended radiation levels. Even though the company has denied these claims, one report states that Apple, in fact, knew about these risks and still told its employees to stay mum when asked about them.

Apple’s employees were instructed to say that they ‘have nothing to share’ when asked about the iPhone 12 radiation risks

A French regulator had earlier said that all iPhone 12 models exceed the legal limits for radiation exposure. To continue sales in the region, the country’s telecommunications minister has warned Apple to issue a software update that will reduce the emitted radiation, or else these models can no longer be sold in the region. Though Apple claims that just like every one of its devices, the iPhone 12 series went through a list of rigorous safety tests before proceeding with a commercial launch.

However, Bloomberg reports that Apple was aware of the risks that its iPhone 12 carries and asked employees to stay quiet when asked about them. Workers had been informed to say that they ‘have nothing to share’ and to refuse any replacements or returns of any iPhone 12 models that were brought to them outside of the two-week purchase window. Following France’s decision, Belgium is the next state to be reviewing the the potential health risks the iPhone 12 poses to users and will likely come out with a decision in the coming days.

The iPhone 12 radiation risks have also been a topic of discussion by consumer rights groups in other European countries such as Spain and Germany, though their governments have yet to give their verdicts. It is unclear if these safety reviews will be focused on the iPhone 15 lineup, whose pre-orders are said to start in a few hours, but we should know what the outcome is shortly.

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