A high-end Apple Watch using better materials could arrive in 2022

Timi Cantisano

XDA Developers

A high-end Apple Watch using better materials could arrive in 2022

There is a pretty good chance that we are getting a new Apple Watch this year. Apple has updated its watch yearly since the release of the first one back in 2015. While there have been several different versions, it looks like Apple Watch Series 8 could see a new entry in its lineup — one that is focused on extreme sports athletes.

According to Bloomberg, the new Apple Watch geared towards extreme athletes could arrive with a larger display and bigger battery. But what’s new is that it could offer better protection from physical wear due to its improved materials and design. Apple could adopt a flatter look, which has been rumored for years. The new watch is expected to use a stronger metal than the aluminum or stainless steel found on the current models. It will also have a stronger screen that is more resistant to impacts.

A new higher-end model in the Apple Watch lineup

Although different in design and materials, the watch will have the same feature set as the Apple Watch Series 8. The new watch will have a screen size nearing two inches (1.99-inches to be exact) and will also have a resolution of 410 pixels by 502 pixels. It’s anyone’s guess as to how Apple will utilize the larger screen real estate, but a bigger screen, is always a better thing, especially on a small device. The main draw for this year’s watch is its rumored ability to measure body temperature, which could be used to detect fevers.

Despite being all-new, the new watches might still use the older processor found on the Watch Series 6 and Watch Series 7. Although pricing has not been confirmed, the new entry in the Apple Watch lineup is expected to sit at the highest position, which means it will cost more than the stainless steel model currently being sold.

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