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Hi from Dev & Gear,

after many long hours of planning, designing, calling, and talking, we finally managed to pull out something we’ve been planning since the very beginning of this journey. That something is our new online shop, which is live now and you can visit by going to

It took a lot of time since we wanted the best for our products, from the quality of design to the quality of materials, not an easy achievement with this level in mind. So we are starting slowly, starting with our beautiful t-shirts for man and woman, from where we’ll expand to other types of products when we feel they are perfect to be shipped to you.

They are available right now in different colors and sizes, shipping worldwide.

Code T-Shirt
Code T-Shirt - Dev & Gear Shop
Ethernet T-Shirt
Ethernet T-Shirt - Dev & Gear Shop
CPU T-Shirt
CPU T-Shirt - Dev & Gear Shop
Compiler T-Shirt
Compiler T-Shirt - Dev & Gear Shop
Command Line T-Shirt
Command Line T-Shirt - Dev & Gear Shop


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